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Organizzazione e laboratorio pratico sul Guerrilla Marketing, design e sviluppo portale basato su CMS, 2012

franZroom.netIo e Cristiana Cattaneo lavoriamo sempre soavemente, quando siamo attorno allo stesso tavolo, e anche su questo progetto per Youth in Action abbiamo fatto faville…
Ragazzi provenienti da 5 nazioni, pennelli, stencils e taglierino, e la possibilità di fare il cavolo che volevamo, tutte ottimi presupposti. Abbiamo introdotto i ragazzi alle principali tecniche della street art, writing, stencils e stickers, mostrato esempi di interventi urbani e guerrilla marketing, poi abbiamo preparato un intervento sulla raccolta differenziata, che ha modificato la noia piatta di un pomeriggio tortonese

the project

This project is the result of a path we’ve taken almost 2 years ago, when we started (in 2009) a 1.3 Action called “Do it For you” (Democratic opinions and information technologies for Youth).
This action helped us to develop a critical thinking on how involvment and participation in local communities (be it the school, town or Europe itself) need to be shared with institutions and decision makers. This kind of dialogue could be fostered through 2.0 web tools, but we’ve realized, thanks to our previous actions, that participation through new technologies can’t be only an emotional one: it needs to be structured, organized, aimed at specific and real objectives.

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To be involved in virtual places is not enough: we need to develop our projects in real places too and to ask decision-makers and administrators to share these experiences with us and to give us the instruments to improve this proess.
Then, for 6 months starting from may 2012, each promoter ( 11) will have to activate local actions of discussion and shared thinking with local youngsters, the same who will participate (represented) at the transnational seminar held in Tortona in juin 2012. Each group will continue its activities after the seminar too, trying to achieve one or more little aims and targets before october 15th, something involving public bodies and administrators and that could give some kind of visibility to the project and the Youth in Action Program.

Some of the activities planned for the project are: “how to make a flash mob”, “clowns are in town”, “guerrilla marketing”, “how to create the right logo”, “how to work with social marketing”, etc. examples of shared experiences: 3.1 action “Do it 4 you: democratic opinions and information technologies for youth”; YouAid”, social peer to peer experiences; “build your own skatepark” project; etc.

Various experts will conduct (both during the seminar and during local activities) the experiences and the thoughts on how technology and participation could bring youngsters on the fron row again. During the seminar some experiences and evidences will be presented and told, as to incentivate the meditation of participants on the concept of structured and continuative dialogue between youngsters and administrators and on the communicative tools of 2.0 web technlogies.